Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Visit www.deepakalypse.bandcamp.com to listen to the new album entitled Magnetic Love


Deepak Krasner better known as Deepakalypse,  is  a songwriter from Ventura , California.  As a youth he learned guitar and played in bands in the avid punk scene. Countless road trips around the country inspired him to write music that is unique in style and as diverse as the melting pot he lives in now , Los Angeles.    In 2004 he released his first album titled Kamikaze Collective.  Two of the song’s  were featured in the Quicksilver surf movie Dane Reynolds:The first chapter, which was voted the best surf movie of the year by ESPN. In 2012 he released his long awaited second album entitled Magnetic Love . He’s Recently opened up for acts such as The Entrance Band, Don Cavalli, Peter and the Wolf, The Devil Makes 3, Eleni Mandell, Rob Zebrecki and Little Wings.